Privacy Policy

Your details In order for us to provide services to you Masterforce requires certain details about you. These details are used as part of the service and so your details are used in conjuction with postal services/courier companies in order to transport goods to you. However we do not share your personal information with anyone else with the exception of law enforcement agencies as we are legaly bound to co-operate with them.

We will not contact you unless it is regarding an order placed or unless you subscribe to our newsletter service. You may unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

Use of cookies Our website uses Cookies which enable us to improve the website performance for you and other visitors to the site. By using our website and agreeing to this policy, you consent to our use of Cookies.

Cookies are small files, often using unique identifiers, that are sent by web servers to web browsers, and which may then be sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the web. These enable web servers to identify and track users as they navigate different pages on a website, and identify users returning to a website. These files are usually stored on the user's disk during the browser session.

Storage of cookies is necessary for the shopping cart to remember what items you have added to it; for login to your account and for analytics.

Analytics give us no personal details about you and are not used in conjunction with identification cookies. Cookies for analytics tell us which pages a user has viewed, for how long, what country the user is in and whether they have visited the site before or if it is their first visit.